Products   Together  with a variety of consultancy and training servicesGRC Database Information offers a number of products to help you to manage your international data.  Books and documents Our printed products include: The Global Sourcebook for International Data Management - a resource used by many of the world's largest and most quality-conscious companies to understand international data, and documents containing global postal code and post office box formats. Practical International Data Management - a guide to working with global names and addresses Better data quality from your web form - Effective international name and address Internet data collection. More information about these products here. Reference data and metadata We offer a wide range of unique global reference tables and metadata tables, which are ideal as resources for data parsing and standardisation.  Tables include: PEOPLE: Given names Family names/surnames Family name prefixes Forms of address Job titles PLACES: Country codes for name and address data  management  Place name/postal codes data Regions name/postal codes Regions and provinces Address elements and post office box element tables Worldwide postal code formatting rule metadata Address formats Test files OTHER: Telephone number information/formats  and more.  More information here.
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