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Language pages Compiled by Graham Rhind. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for additions, please send a message. Linguapax - (in Catalan, Spanish, English and French) - Homepage of Linguapax organisation - language documentation, promotion of multilingualism and language diversity etc. Languages and scripts - (in English) - a list of languages and the scripts in which they are written Language and teaching support network - (in English) - links to language resources on the Web, including discussion lists and newsgroups, distance language learning, fonts for languages and phonetics, journals, language departments, centres and laboratories, lingustics, newspapers and periodicals, online dictionaries, organisations, software, translating and interpreting Your Dictionary (formerly A web of online dictionaries) - (in English) - numerous links to online translation dictionaries Dictionaries, Grammars and other online language resources (Jennifer's language page) - (in English) Language Center - (in English) - links to online dictionaries and other language resources TREX - Translate Examples - Online dictionary providing translations in context for English to and from French, Russian and Spanish. Ethnologue a comprehensive site giving an immense detail of language information on a country-by-country basis Data on languages - a useful set of data for many languages, providing list of special characters used in the languages (Latin and Cyrillic script), data on code pages, data on character sets and Unicode data and so on Unicode Home Page (in English) - home page of code system to allow storage of any kind of diacritical character regardless of computer system or active code-page NRSI (in English) - computer and writing systems links and information Learn a Language (in English) - language learning aids for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and other languages Wikiled (in English) - online translation dictionary for various language combinations Eesti Keele Instituut (in English) - Data on languages - scripts, character set repertoires, codepages, Unicode Michael Everson (in English) - The Languages of Europe Omniglot (in English) - Languages and writing systems information resource ISO 15924 (in English) - Codes for the representation of names of scripts (in English or Croatian) - Online dictionary for most European Union languages - Online translator for a number of languages - Online dictionaries for a number of languages - Online dictionaries for a number of languages - Online translator for German, Spanish, French, English and Portuguese Google translate - Online translator for many languages Sensagent - online translation in many languages Dutch (in English) - Dutch language information and resources Estonian (in English) - Institute of the Estonian Language - full resource site Kinyarwanda (in English) - Kinyarwanda/English online dictionary Transliteration Translit (in English) - Transliteration engine Cyrillic/Latin Google Transliteration (in English) - Transliteration engine