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Address encoding systems Compiled by Graham Rhind. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for additions, please send a message. Encoded addressing systems are addressing systems based on codes which point to a location, an existing postal address, or a latitude/longitude Download Graham Rhind’s free white paper: “Address encoding versus traditional addressing - the state of play” (October 2018) here Global 3Geonames - a code pointing to a 1m square. Explanation here Addressinghomes (in English) - Address codes based on latitude/longitude Advanced Mobile Location - a system, based on mobile telephony, for pinpointing a location in emergency situations AsaaseGPS (in English, Spanish and French) - The international versions of Ghana’s GhanaGPS Bayupayu (in English) - 16-digit location codes each representing a 1.61 x 1.61 metre square CubicPostcode (in English) - A system which splits the planet 1x1x1 metre cubes which are identifiable using a 22 digit (!) code. edress (in English) - a personal address code that can be moved to new addresses [Defunct?] Exaactly/UBReg (in English) - Another personal address code that can be moved to new addresses Geohash - A public domain geocoding system Geohashphrase - A phrase system which matches to a geohash. GifDirect - (in English - [Defunct?]) - Take a video of the route to a delivery point and share with a courier service Google Open Location Code (in English) o Locus Plus (in English) - provides the Open Location Code for a user’s current location using the NATO spelling alphabet. GridCode (in English) - A 9 character representation of the latitude/longitude, which can be created only by being at that location Locpin (in English - [Defunct?]) - a code one can attach to one’s address. e-mail address, telephone number etc. Maidenhead Locator System - a geographic co-ordinate system Mapcodes (in English - [Defunct?]) - location codes unique by country Mapstags (in English) - a system which links an existing address to a word of your choice MastaMap (in English) - location encoding and phone tracking Munich Orientation Convention - A code based on cardinal point directions from a city centre Natural Area Coding (NAC) (in English) - [Defunct?] - A nine digit code to represent any point or shape on the Earth’s surface. Naviaddress (in English) [Defunct?] - numeric location codes based on existing address, vanity numbers or other algorithm Placekey (in English) - a code for every inhabited point, including a POI code if relevant, and based on Uber’s H3 hexagonal grid system Pointaddress (in English) - a personal address code that can be moved to new addresses. Includes a country code. Pointcode (in English) - A self-defined temporary locational code Posttude (in English) - [Defunct?] numerical location codes based on geographical co-ordinates qCode (in English) - a postal address geocode. Ship2MyID (in English) - Allows deliveries to locations without an address using latitude/longitude Munich Orientation Convention (in English) - A code based on compass orientation from a central point Vayapin - a 7-character code (previously also marketed as Citocode) What3words (in English) - identify a 9 square metre patch of the earth using only three words And some parody sites: What3Emojis [Defunct] What3Fucks (not work safe!) Four King Maps (not work safe!) - a parody of What3Words providing four offensive words for squares in UK and Ireland only. What3RudeWords - A Twitter feed demonstrating that many real What3Word combinations result in unfortunate combinations, such as biting.pillow.hard and steamy.backdoor.action. What 3 Words is a mess - a collection of resources illustrating the fundamental problems with the What3Words coding system WhereWords (in English) - identify a 2x2 square metre patch of the earth using only four hierarchically linked words. XAddress (in English) - turns a location into a code containing a number and two words. National/Local Ghana GhanaGPS - the locational “postal code” of Ghana Post Snoocode (in English) - A positional code used in Ghana India Addressing the Unaddressed project - using Google’s Open Localtion Codes (and previously the Gocode (see Ireland)) Bhugol ID (in English) - [Defunct?] a Digital location code for India, based on existing postal address. Digital Door Number (DDN) - a code encompassing state, location, street name and building - linked to Zippr? MapMyIndia (in English) - A locational code system used in India Zippr (in English) - A locational code system used in India, based on existing postal address Ireland Eircode - (in English) - information site about Ireland’s postal code system Gocode [defunct?] - a digital location code for Ireland, also used for the Addressing the Unaddressed project Loc8code - (in English) - alternative Irish postal code system OpenPostcodeIreland [Defunct?] - alternative Irish postal code system Kenya Mpost - Kenyan location code based on mobile phone location OkHi (in English) - A digital address linked to map co-ordinates and a photo of a building’s front gate Senegal Nima Codes (in English and French) - System linking an address to a telephone number through a photograph of a building’s front door. United Arab Emirates Makani - (in English & Arabic) - Dubai’s positional addressing system Onwani - (in English & Arabic) - Abu Dhabi’s positional addressing system United Kingdom OS Locate - (in English) - Location app based on Ordnance Survey data. Also works without a mobile signal. Vietnam VPostcode - (in Vietnamese) - Vietnam Post’s positional addressing system
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