Given names data This data table, built by GRC Data Intelligence, has been created by processing real world and online data files and counting the occurrences of each given name. The file has been cleaned, but as it has been created from real world data it may contain real world errors. To reduce errors, only those names found five or more times in real world data files are released. The file contains 246291 records, created from analysing over 2.6 million data records from more than 380 different sources. The data contains: Unique record number Country information (ISO 3166 codes). This applies to the country in which the name was found, not where the name originated. The string as found. Given names are very diverse and strings are assumed correct unless clearly incorrect. A corrected name. Corrections are only made when there is a clear indication that a name is incorrect and the correct version is obvious. Thus is is never correct to assume that Boby should be Bobby, or that Bob should be Robert. A gender indicator (Male, Female or empty (unknown)) A count to show the number of times this given name has been found in real world data. The higher this number, the more likely that the string is a given name. Only strings found 5 or more times are released in this file. A flag to indicate whether the name string is, in fact, initials. For example: A.J.P. A flag to indicate whether there are initials as well as a given name in the string. For example: Edward L.P. A flag to indicate whether the string contains a form of address or a seniority indicator. For example: Mr William, Fred Jr. A flag to indicate whether the string contains multiple given names. For example: Claire & Robert, Jean et Thérèse The date that the record was added to the file, and the last date that the string was found in real world data. A list of other names to which this name is related The table attempts to capture what is found in the real world and to lend itself to processing according to most uses. Each record is unique by country, name as written (including casing) and gender. You can therefore expect to find each name multiple times within the file in this way: Country Name Gender Count GB JOHN 8610 GB John 3648 GB john 17 GB JOHN M 236 GB John M 6 GB john M 5 When viewing the coverage figures (here), you would therefore not expect to have more than 50% of names gendered in any country for a single-gender name. Strings which are known not to be given names, or which are or include family names that cannot be given names, are excluded from the release file. We advise extreme caution is attempting any genderisation process on the basis of given names, but as this data is often used for this process, we have released a second table, containing gender information distilled from the main file. It shows the number of occurrences found for a given name per gender per country. For example: Country Name Male % Female % Universe BE KRIS 62 100.00 0 0.00 62 FR KRIS 17 100.00 0 0.00 17 GB KRIS 14 14.46 71 85.84 83 ID KRIS 5 100.00 0 0.00 5 PL KRIS 6 100.00 0 0.00 6 US KRIS 37 100.00 0 0.00 37 The gender file contains 83451 records for this release. For full information, please refer to the documentation. If you have any questions about this file, please contact us. Sample View a sample of 200 records from a previous version of the file here. Coverage View the coverage of this version here. The numbers released are given in the "Found >5 times" column. Full file documentation is available here. Formats Data is held in Microsoft Visual FoxPro format, but can be provided also in these formats: FoxPro 2.x (dBase III+), comma delimited text, tab delimited text, fixed column width text, and Excel (for small files (<64 000 records) only). Data sets are delivered by e-mail or download link. Prices These files is available at the price (for both files) of only EUR 950. This data is offered on a royalty-free basis for use in any way you wish, with this important proviso: The data may be used for whatever purpose and is royalty free, but it may not be copied or distributed in any way whatsoever when it can, in normal use, be accessed by other users. In other words, if you would like to use this data in your software package, that is allowed provided users cannot get at, or export, the data themselves. You will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions when purchasing. Our terms, conditions and licensing structure can be view here. To order To purchase the full file please contact us by e-mail. Customers Many of our customers prefer to remain nameless for competitive reasons, and we respect this. Our customers include: Coconut Island Software, Inc., Kea'au, USA Talend, for use in their Talend Data Quality product range. If you have any questions about any of our products, or would like to order them, please contact us.
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